A Sunday

We woke to an ice-covered drive and Don canceled church. Possibilities bubbled. An open day. I flipped on the TV and streamed Pandora (streaming is a new phenomenon for us). Praise music filled our home and warmth filled my soul.

By mutual consent (of those awake) an impromptu service began. Don decided on the passage to be read – Psalm 146. He grabbed a Bible off the shelf and handed it to Kenneth. I followed along in my Bible. But while I read, “I will sing praise to my God as long as I live,” (NIV) Kenneth recited, “I will sing praises to my Lord even with my dying breath.” (NLT) Don heard it first . . . with my dying breath. Can I live up to the implication? Oh to praise Him for everything all the time until death is whispering in my ear and seeping into my being!


The psalmist goes on to explain why He is worthy to be praised (because He is our Creator and He is faithful), and that those who are happy are those whose hope is in the Lord. As the four of us discussed the psalm, I soaked in God’s gift of simply sitting in my comfortable home with my husband and children worshiping Him. I delighted in listening as my two youngest children shared their thoughts on His word.

We closed our service by singing 10,000 Reasons – my new favorite praise song. The last verse reads,

And on that day, when my strength is failing,P1010344.2

the end draws near, and my time has come;

Still, my soul will sing Your praise unending

ten thousand years, and then forevermore!

Yes! That’s it! This life can knock me down and run me over. But in the end I will be singing praises to my King ten thousand years, and then forevermore!



9 thoughts on “A Sunday

  1. Beautiful truth, and one that stopped me in my tracks as well. It hit me–If I’m not praising Him with every breath while I’m healthy, will I do it with my dying breath? I need to be praising Him as I live and as I die!


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