Fairy Tale Ending

As a child I fantasized about Prince Charming rescuing me—from what I don’t know, because my childhood was virtually problem-free—and the two of us sailing into the sunset together. I dreamed about and strove toward this “happily ever after” I heard so much about.

sunset over ocean

Then life happened.

I won’t bore you with details—you have your own details. You know the story. You are coasting along minding your own business. Then WHAM! Life.





Parenting a difficult child.

Chronic pain.

The “unhappy ending.” Or is it?

One homeschool day recently I was reading from Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher. The main character walks with a limp because her mother smashed her foot to keep the Sultan from taking her as one of his brides. At first the girl is bitter about the foot, but as the book progresses she learns her mother marred her out of love. It’s an excellent read and has many useful nuggets of truth. But on this particular day, this truth stood out to me:

But real life isn’t like that. Its endings are squirmier than the ones in stories. You try to tuck them in neatly and they kick the blankets off. The thing about life is, no matter what happens to you, it goes on. What seems like an ending is really a beginning in disguise.

I paused. Yes, that’s so true. My life had not ended when tragic events struck. In many cases, those very events were catalysts to deepen my relationship with the Lord or cause me to see a need in someone else’s life. For example, because it was so difficult to adopt Melinda, Don and I started an adoption ministry. Now we help others trying to adopt.

I was mulling this over when Kenneth spoke up. “That’s like death. You think it’s an ending but it’s really the beginning . . . of your eternal life with God.” WOW! Now that’s an ending to look forward to!


4 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Ending

  1. I like what your son said. I have been thinking about death a lot recently. Probably because March 1st will mark the 1 yr. anniversary of my sister’s death. Anyway, my thinking has been..” dying is simply a part of life.” That is unless Jesus comes back first 🙂


    • Yes, Kenneth has a better perspective than I do most days. Your thought that “dying is simply a part of life” is so true.

      I pray the one year anniversary of your sister’s death will be a celebration of her life.

      Thanks for your comments!


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