Just for Fun


If you, like me, tend to panic regularly over anything from being five minutes late to thinking about whether or not your sixteen-year-old will be in a car accident, you will be delighted to hear of the well-kept secret that today, March 9th, is National Panic Day.

For years, I’ve stuck to the motto, “Why put off ‘til tomorrow what I can do today?” I have panicked at any sign of mishap or problem. Thus, my panic abilities have flourished. I’ve mastered them to the point that panic comes quickly and easily.

So discovering a precise date set aside for panicking purposes has opened a new possibility for panic practicality.

Since learning about National Panic Day, I have been saving my panic sessions. When I feel the urge to panic begin to rise, I simply write down the reason for panicking and stick the note in a jar. Today, National Panic Day, I will spend the day reading my notes and panicking! By accumulating my urges to panic for one specific day a year, I save time, energy, and resources.

I’d like to thank those involved in designing this day. I’m a better person for it. (My family thanks you, too!)

Now I’m off for a long day of panic.


These notes . . . they all seem like ridiculous reasons to panic.

Maybe I’ll go shopping instead. 🙂


*Note: The idea for this blog came from a post on Edie Melson’s blogsite http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.com/


14 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. This is so perfect I thought about making a cake to celebrate!! Of course then I would panic about eating cake!! Thank you for the tangible idea to start recovery. I will get a jar for my slips of paper. It will have to be a gallon jug for this first year.


  2. And the interesting this is, if I write the panic-potential down for later panicking, there’s a good chance it’ll no longer be worthy of panic! 🙂


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