10 Things You Should Know About PMS (for Women)

1.       It’s not all in your head. It’s real.

2.       Each woman has a specific combination of symptoms unique to her. Learn to recognize yours.

I admire those ladies hardly affected by their monthly cycle. Not so with me. Almost every month “Alien Barb” arrives leaving me wondering which persona is the real me.

3.       Not all symptoms are physical. Mental and spiritual symptoms also exist.

For more information on this, I highly recommend Lorraine Pintus’ book Jump off the Hormone Swing. Click here for a link. Lorraine is an expert in PMS both researching it extensively and experiencing elevated symptoms pre-menopause. I found her book enlightening and freeing.

4.       Satan will use this time of the month to beat you up mentally.

Are others’ character flaws more irritating? Are you having a heightened number of thoughts about what a terrible wife, mother, teacher, co-worker, __________, you are? Are you more discouraged than usual because you aren’t accomplishing as much as you think you should? These thoughts may be aggravated by Satan. He knows and uses your weaknesses.

5.       This is a great time to allow God to soothe you.

For every negative thought you have, God has a spiritual truth. Search for it. PMS reminds us how dependent we are on Him and His presence. Pray and let Him comfort you.

6.       It’s okay to cry.

Crying releases the built-up tension that may otherwise cause a fight.

 7.       There are things you can do to lighten the symptoms. Figure out what works for you (i.e. clear your schedule, take a nap, take a walk, eat less sugar and more protein, etc.).

During this time of month I try not to make any life-changing decisions or have any serious discussions if at all possible. Of course, life must go on; but if you search for me, you may find me locked in my bedroom in a self-imposed “time out.”

8.       Wearing a “Stand Back 5 Feet” sign may deter others from triggering any symptoms.

Seriously, be willing to state to those you love, “Just a warning: it’s that time of month again. If I seem edgy or frustrated or easily provoked, please be understanding.”

9.       God created us this way for a reason.

Without the shedding of our blood, there can be no new physical life. Without the shedding of Jesus’ blood, there is no spiritual life. I defer to Lorraine Pintus’ book.

“As a woman, God wove into my body a sign of holy redemption. My monthly cleansing [is] an earthly picture of the spiritual cleansing of the blood of Christ. My blood [is] shed often—I [need] regular cleansing. But His blood was shed once for the cleansing of all mankind.”

10.   PMS is not fatal – you only wish it was!

Instead of looking at it as a curse, see it as a blessing! Embrace your femininity and uniqueness. Praise God for the miraculous way He created our bodies.

BONUS: PMS is not an excuse for sinning.

Men: stay tuned. My next post is “10 Things You Should Know About PMS (for Men).”

Psalm 139

6 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About PMS (for Women)

  1. I just want you to know that life after PMS is really wonderful for those of us who had a hard time of it for all those years. Until it stopped, I never realized just how much of my physical wellness was attributed to hormones. I feel good A LOT these days. I don’t know if I’m completely done yet, but I’m greatly enjoying the long breaks between my periods. Life after 50 has its advantages, even as my eyes and ears get fuzzier!


    • Thanks for your input, Andrea! Looking forward to a more even-keeled temperament and other benefits associated with getting old. LOL Hmmmm . . .maybe that’s why grandparents are more tolerant than parents.


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