10 Things You Should Know About PMS (for Men)

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For ease of writing (and reading), I assume you are a husband married to a wife who possibly probably experiences PMS on a regular basis. However, this information can be applied to any and all women, such as sisters, mothers, girlfriends, etc.

1.       It’s not all in her head. It’s real.

2.       Each woman has a specific combination of symptoms unique to her. Learn to recognize your wife’s.

If you aren’t sure, ask her. But be warned, she must be approached lovingly and not during high PMS time (a term I coined to describe “the worst days”).

3.       Not all symptoms are physical. Mental and spiritual symptoms also exist.

In my last post, I encouraged women to read Lorraine Pintus’ book Jump off the Hormone Swing. If your wife isn’t a reader, it may be worth your time to skim through it for a glimpse of what she may experience.

4.       Satan will use this time of the month to mentally beat up your wife, and thus, drive a wedge between you and her.

Do not allow her frustrations or attitude to rub off on you. Listen to your wife in an understanding way and choose not to take her harsh words or actions personally. Gently guide her.

5.       This is a great time to seek God’s face.

God provides many opportunities for us to rely on Him. Ask Him the best way to love your wife during this time of the month.

6.       Let your wife cry.

Crying releases the built-up tension that may otherwise cause a fight. Tell your wife it’s okay to cry and hold her while she does so. (She doesn’t know why she’s crying; there’s no use asking.)

7.       There are things your wife can do to lighten the symptoms. Help her find what works for her. (i.e. clearing her schedule, taking a nap, taking a walk, eating less sugar and more protein . . .)

Ask your wife, “What can I do for you right now?” Or chat with your wife during a non-PMS time. Tell her you are there for her and want to help. Another tip: It may be beneficial to restrain from making any big decisions during PMS (less chance for conflict).

8.       Provide a “Stand Back 5 Feet” sign for her to wear.

Seriously, watch the calendar. Ask your wife to keep you apprised of her “schedule.” I know of one lady who marks the calendar with a star as a signal to her family.

9.       God created your wife this way for a reason.

Physical shedding of blood is necessary for new physical life just as the shedding of Jesus’ blood was necessary for new spiritual life.

10.   PMS is not fatal – you only wish it was!

Instead of looking at it as a curse, see it as a blessing! Embrace her femininity. Praise God for the miraculous way He created our bodies.

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. 1 Peter 3:7

Women: Click here to read “10 Things You Should Know About PMS (for Women).”

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