My Scars, His Scars

Two years ago I chose to have lower back surgery. I was at the end of a very long list of options. The signs were clear. God had spoken. Yet I still had to walk into the hospital with my own two feet. I authorized the surgery and paid the Doctor to cut me open. I literally signed up for the pain I would bear to be healed. There was no easy way around it. One anesthesiologist, two surgeons, several hours of surgery, a back brace, physical therapy, and four months of recovery. I chose it, not easily, not without trepidation. But I made the conscious choice. And I have the scars to remind me—of the chronic pain I endured for nine years, of the surgery, of the sacrifice to be healed.


Two thousand years ago Jesus made a choice—not because He needed healing, but because we did. In the Garden of Gethsamane, Jesus, with blood for sweat, chose to go to the cross, not easily, not without trepidation. He walked the path alone, watching his “friends” flee or betray. There was no easy way around it. A kiss, a flogging, a cross-bearing walk, a crown of thorns, and nails. God called. He answered. A world needed Him and He made the conscious choice to pay the ransom. His scars remind us—of the pain He endured, of the sacrifice.

I realize it’s almost laughable for me to associate my comparatively minor scars to Jesus’. I can’t fathom the anguish, the physical pain, the cost. However I know God uses the physical realm to penetrate my tiny brain and provide a minute peek into Who He is and what He experienced. Paradoxically, while nothing I experience remotely touches what Jesus suffered for me, Jesus can relate to everything I experience.

Sometimes we must purposefully walk through a painful occurrence to be healed. I’m so glad my Savior purposefully chose the cross. My scars are a tangible reminder of His scars.

What tangible reminder of His scars do you have?


9 thoughts on “My Scars, His Scars

  1. What a great post…sure puts everything into a proper prospective. You are so right…ours are minor compared to Jesus but they certainly feel major to us…and I am so blessed to have you healed..Thank you Jesus.  To remember the pain and not to endure the pain anymore is such a miracle by itself. 


  2. Great connection, Barb! I was just thinking of this connection on Palm Sunday in relation to my dad’s painful journey with cancer…though he was humble and strong through it all, I saw the pain in his eyes and know that his heart cried, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.” And still, when he took his last breath, I know that he was released into the arms of Jesus…and all because our Lord took up the cross for us. My scars lie deep in my heart as I recall the pain that my parents endured on this journey….yet I know that it all brings me closer to our God. Love you, beautiful woman!


    • Michelle,

      Thanks for sharing! I can’t imagine the pain of watching a loved one suffer and pass on, but I am thankful you will see him again. So grateful Jesus paved the way for us to spend eternity with God.

      I pray the Lord’s healing helps fade your scars little by little as you celebrate His life and resurrection.


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  4. Barb, I’m reading this after seeing it on your top 10 list for 2013. It reminded me of a communion meditation talk Jeff did at church on 11-24-13, the day before he checked into the hospital for his second, much more extensive cancer resection, which ended up taking almost 15 hours in surgery with three followup trips to the OR. (Jeff’s talk is the first 5 minutes of the audio file, not the whole thing; you can hear it at .) He talked about his scars, which were then only about 18-20 inches long, but would get much longer after the second surgery. I liked what he said about what the scars represent; a similar theme as this post. Thanks for making that connection! I’ll look forward to reading more of what I’ve missed!


    • Thanks so much for the audio clip. It was a true blessing to hear. Your beloved beautifully related his experience and the connection to Christ. He is a gifted speaker. I pray you both are experiencing God’s peace and love in this recovery period.


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