Slow and Steady

It is my pleasure to introduce my mother, Teddy Behrendt, as a guest blogger for today’s post. Teddy is retired and lives in Sterling, IL. She enjoys working part-time, taking dance lessons, spending time with friends, and visiting her grandchildren as often as possible. Recently Teddy authored a book entitled Simplified Sales. For more information on her book, click here.

Barb and Teddy

Splash went the water as I hustled from the dining room. I heard someone from the kitchen say, “Slow and steady.”

Yes, I thought, the faster I go the behinder I’m getting. I am always doing everything fast. It seems to be my nature to run through life. Just slow down but keep going. That’s how it works in the restaurant business. But think about it; that’s how it works in life. . . . That’s how it should work with God. When things are hectic, remember to slow down, pray, and go steady.

We can all relate. When you are running late and you get in the car and don’t have the car keys or when you reach for your purse and realize it’s still on the end table. Too many times I have left the house and have to go back and waste a half hour cause I can’t find my cell phone, retracing my steps cause I laid it down without paying attention and can’t remember where it is. I look in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen . . . finally find it. I wasted minutes due to being in a hurry. Stop, think, slow down, and go steady.

We are all so pre-occupied with the major thinking process of life that the minor details are forgotten. Our thinking is warped by what’s next and not by what’s now. So save yourself time and frustration . . . go slow and steady . . . stop and think . . . stop and praise God.

Just recently I was driving home from work in the snow and hit an ice patch. I did a 360 and when the car stopped it was on the wrong side of the road. I had to back up into the snow so the tires would grip and then slowly get the car back to the right side, and then slowly get up the little grade in the road. It was not scary, but it made me think again, Slow and Steady. Thank you, God, for no major accident.

So just think about it. Slow down, think, praise. You will get more done quicker and more accurately. Just try it.


4 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  1. How true! My Grandma sued to say, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”
    And, “Haste makes waste.”
    Thanks for the wonderful guest post.
    Blessings, C


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