Personality Dilemma


I am high maintenance. I’m not sure I’m as bad as Sally in the above clip, but I can relate to her ending comment, “I just want it the way I want it.” I’ve learned to accept this personality trait. It’s a part of who I am and how God made me.

God infused other traits into my being. I am loyal, organized, and a hard worker, to name a few. My persona is one way God made me unique, set me apart from others. Because, well, let’s face it, if we were all the same, the world would be pretty boring.

Still, I possess qualities I don’t necessarily like. For instance, it’s not always in my best interest (or those around me) to allow my high maintenanceness (is that a word?) shine. Many times it creates tension. I can get grouchy or pout if things aren’t progressing the way I believe they should. While I’m not as particular as Sally, I may complain if my salad comes with a different dressing than I ordered. I may even send it back. *gasp* I’m not saying that action is wrong, but it’s different than others who may shrug their shoulders and eat it anyway.

However, I can’t use my personality as an excuse for sinning or choosing to be stagnant, especially when it comes to my relationship with Christ and others. There are times when others’ tastes and preferences should override mine. There are times when I should silently eat the wrong salad dressing even if I don’t like it. There are times when God is trying to move in my life, and He desires my humble submission to His teaching, which equates to yielding my wishes to His.

The key (and sometimes underlying problem) is discerning when having it my way is okay and when to let go, be quiet, and allow others’ inclinations to have priority.

In general, I wrestle with when it’s acceptable to allow my natural tendencies to take precedence versus when I should be submitting because God is trying to mold me into something different, greater. He created me and loves me as I am. Yet, as any parent would, He also wants me to grow.

Even as I ponder this dilemma, I believe God is at work.

If we didn’t struggle, we wouldn’t call out to Him. If we didn’t wonder and debate and question, we would not consult Him. So for now I will settle for knowing I am still a work in progress. I’m in the midst of being refined.

What is unique about your personality? What struggles come with that? How have you addressed it?


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