God Speaks

A few weeks before my 30th birthday my four-year-old son and I headed to Hawaii on a cruise ship. I was eager to spend some time with him and the Lord on the open water. I had one very pressing question in mind for God . . . Should I marry the man I met only four months earlier?

The Meeting

The first time I saw Don, I was taken aback. I had volunteered to watch his son a few hours each evening for a few weeks. (Those who know me understand this in and of itself is miraculous—I don’t typically babysit.) He stopped by one evening to introduce his son to me. I opened the door to a giant filling my doorframe. Don’s 6’5”. Alarms went off in my head, “Single guy in the house. Single guy in the house.” Without invitation, he let himself in and sat down on my sofa. After I realized his intentions were pure, I relaxed slightly.

Don started attending the singles Bible Study I was a part of. We hung out and got acquainted. Neither of us was looking for a relationship; but over time it became apparent God was drawing us to each other. When Don approached me about dating, he stated, “The only reason I would date you is to see if we are compatible for marriage.” He knew casual relationships were not biblical and didn’t want to mislead me. I admired this.

The Question

By the time I was packing for the 12-day cruise, we were serious. Before I left he told me to spend the time alone reflecting on our relationship because when I came back he was going to ask me to marry him.

The Answer

I looked over the back of the ship and saw water unending. God’s vastness was evident, and His presence was real. I opened my Bible to Psalm 85. This is what I read:

Love (Don) and faithfulness (Barb) meet together;

righteousness (Don) and peace (Barb) kiss each other.

Faithfulness (Barb) springs forth from the earth,

and righteousness (Don) looks down from heaven.

The Lord will indeed give what is good

and our land will yield its harvest.

Righteousness (Don) goes before him

and prepares the way for his steps. Psalm 85:10-13

Yes, I read our names next to the character traits we exhibit. Through this passage, He confirmed we were to marry, that He was indeed giving what was good and our marriage would “yield its harvest.”  Two and a half months later, I walked down the aisle into the arms of my tall, loving, righteous man.

This weekend we celebrated Don’s birthday. I still see his love and righteousness. (And he still looks down at me.) Indeed, God has given what is good, and we have had plentiful harvests. God has been faithful to His promise.

How does God speak to you?

Has He used Scripture to answer one of your questions?

If you haven’t heard Him speak, is it because you aren’t listening?

Don&Barb                   Barb&Don


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