Of Course I Have an Agenda

1 Peter 3:15

Of course I have an agenda.

Don’t we all?

And . . . really . . . shouldn’t we all?

I recently heard a teacher chuckle while she told of someone accusing her of brainwashing the children in her classroom. She wouldn’t, or couldn’t, entertain the thought in the least. And while I don’t believe she is actually brainwashing her students, she probably has an agenda. I’m guessing she would have adamantly denied that possibility also.

Depending on the setting, having an agenda may be interpreted positively or negatively. At meetings, most desire an agenda (outline, schedule, etc.), preferably written. The meeting flows more efficiently. However, typically, referring to someone as “having an agenda” has a negative connotation. We’ve expanded the definition of having an agenda to mean:  this person wants to change others’ way of thinking. He or she wants to persuade his/her audience into believing his/her way.

I’d like to challenge our thoughts about “having an agenda;” because whether we like it or not, most of us have one. For example, when I ask my children to pick up their clothes, my agenda (or plan) is to have a clean floor.

I find it interesting when someone points to a religious group other than his/her own and says, “They have an agenda.” Well, duh! We each should be so sold out in our belief system we have an agenda—to convince others our belief set is the right one.

Do I have an agenda when I am homeschooling? Absolutely! To educate my children in academics and life skills. To teach my children how to interact with others in a loving, respectful, godly manner. To teach my children to work hard and diligently and to be proud of their endeavors. And to raise my children as God-fearing, God-loving Christians who understand the Bible and have an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Do I have an agenda when I speak to others about church and Christ? Definitely! To point them to Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Do I have an agenda on this blog? Certainly! To glorify God and helps others find hope in Christ in the midst of everyday life.

Do you have an agenda? If not, maybe you should.


What are your thoughts?

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