A Good Friend is Dying

A good friend is dying;
My heart cries inside.
My good friend is dying;
I can’t say good-bye.

I should pick up the phone;
I can’t seem to call.
Memories come to me;
I remember it all.

The advice, the love,
The hugs galore.
She watched my baby;
She swept my floor.

She picked me up
When I was down.
She held me and prayed;
Her advice was sound.

She told me of God;
She pointed to truth.
Her faith is solid;
Even under her roof.

My husband does death;
He’s good at his job.
My husband does death;
He won’t break and sob.

But I sit in my home
Contemplating my friend.
Knowing she’ll be better,
I don’t want it to end.

She left an example;
She passed on her beliefs.
Her life will keep living;
Through her disciples—like me.

I rejoice with the Lord;
I rejoice with my Savior.
He’ll soon receive a saint,
One who has found favor.

Thank you for my friend.
Thank you for my mentor.
When I recall her life,
I’m reminded . . .
You’re the Center.


10 thoughts on “A Good Friend is Dying

  1. Sometimes, there are no words to express our heartache. I’m so sorry for your grief. I pray God will comfort you all in this difficult time. Colleen


  2. Oh, so beautiful and heartbreaking. I know right where you stand. So very hard. Praying for you and your friend during this time. Thank you for sharing your lovely words with us all.


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