CARE Ministry

He didn’t drag me by my hair kicking and screaming. But I didn’t skip happily next to him down the road either. It was somewhere in between.

When my (pastor) husband told me he was ready to start a ministry for orphans and asked me to sit on the board, I was tempted to throw up or whack him over the head. He hadn’t forgotten what a difficult time we had bringing Melinda home, but he had worked through it. I guess I wasn’t completely over the ordeal. But I prayed, swallowed my selfishness, and said yes. And I’m glad I did! God mends my heart a little bit more every time I tell our story. Plus (and this is a big plus!) we are helping orphans find forever families.

CARE logo

Christian Adoption Resources & Education for Hancock County, IL (CARE) is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization. It exists for the purpose of educating potential adoptive parents, foster care parents, and the church in general about adoption and orphan care. Through websites, written material, and blogs we provide educational resources. Through donations, we provide grants ranging from $250 to $2,500 to qualified Christian adoptive parents living in Hancock County, IL. CARE will also provide speakers for your upcoming event or help potential adoptive parents one-on-one as needed.

For more information about this ministry, see our website:

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