Hope Community Church



Last year, as Don and I drove through a neighborhood in Wildwood, Florida we saw several kids riding their bikes and Don wondered, What will be their story when they grow up? Will it be one of hopelessness or one of hope?

We look around and see people living without hope. They have given up on the church, God, the nation . . . whatever.

Life events, such as adopting, distributing water to the thirsty in Liberia, and hearing compelling stories, have fueled a growing burden on our hearts for those who seem to be without hope, those who are marginalized, and those not part of a local church. This burden has led us on a journey of discovering where God is leading us, like following a trail of crumbs. Those crumbs have led us to planting a new church, Hope Community Church, in Wildwood, FL.

Kenneth, Melinda, Don and I will move to Wildwood, FL in August 2015 to start the process of planting a church. We welcome you to learn more about the church vision and how you can help by visiting our website by clicking here.


What are your thoughts?

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