Afternoon Break

children at pool

During the summer my children and I try to spend an hour or so at the pool several days a week. Many times I find it difficult to desert my chores to accomplish this task. Ah, therein lays the problem—I think of it as a task, one more item to cross off my list of to-dos. In the midst of my hurried day—between picking strawberries and cooking supper—it’s hard to stop and sit still while my children play with their friends at the local pool.

Yet the break in my routine typically refreshes me. It’s a marvelous excuse to soak in the sun and catch up on my reading or prayer time. My thoughts are forced to slow down and focus. My body has no choice but to relax. And my Spirit finds time to connect with the Lord. It’s a time to re-group.

Often, I find myself delighting in the laughter of the children, the splash of the water, the colors of the swimsuits, and the joy evident on the faces of my children. And I am thankful.

With this renewed attitude and perspective, I am able to dive back into my chores with more energy.

Does your daily routine allow for a break?

Do you find a slight break in your day refreshing?